Social Media Fab

Social Media Fab
Hey beauty goddesses, I am back with exciting news! Have you ever wanted to be featured on our social media channels? Need help getting started? Don’t fret, we got you, love!
Glam Seamless appreciates all of our #Glambassadors and would love to put the spotlight on you. We made a cheatsheet of what we absolutely LOVE to see and what to avoid so you have the best chance at being featured! 

  1. Photo Sets: We absolutely LOVE this! Have a girls’ day with your friends and plan a fun photoshoot with a stellar monochromatic background. Channel your inner Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model and be a whole mood. We love to see all different types of poses, don’t be shy! 
  2. Forward Hair: If you’re anything like me, Barbie has been your total fashion icon since you first started walking! The hair pulled to the front is a total superstar move! It showcases the beautiful locks you’ve got going on. Work it, babe. We promise everyone will be asking who your stylist is and GLAM will love it!
  3. Clear Backgrounds: We totally get’re out with your girls and your crush totally photobombs your photo! It happens! While we appreciate a good story and hope you get a date out of it, we adore clear backgrounds! They make it easier to see the beauty in the photo which is you—your radiating confidence and those long locks! Not only that, clear backgrounds create better photos altogether.
  4. Weddings: Here at GLAM we absolutely love, LOVE weddings! Are you using Glam hair for your wedding day? I’m sure you’ve got an amazing photographer lined up to showcase those tresses. It’s an honor to be a part of such a special, momentous occasion like your wedding. I can promise you we shed a few tears, too.
  5. Before & After Photos: Everyone loves a good transformation photo. Remember to ask your stylist to snap a photo when they’re done—like a work of art, they know all the right angles to shoot! It’s a beautiful sight to see your hair looking absolutely healthy and Rapunzel-ready. 
  6. Fun Location: Why not show us your personal style? Love to go camping or to a carnival? We’re totally down with that. Afterall, fun is what we’re all about (and looking dazzling, of course!).

  1. Filters: We get it...everyone uses filters these days on social media. While the practical filters aren’t total deal breakers, we prefer a naturally lit setting. Just ask our Customer Concierge team! They request photos in natural lighting everytime they provide a color match. 
  2. Too Many Tags: With social media evolving constantly, it’s only natural you will want to provide as many tags as possible on your photo. While we understand the algorithm is changing rapidly, this makes it difficult for us to follow. When posting a photo wearing GLAM SEAMLESS Hair Extensions, try to limit the amount of tags so we can feature you. Trust us, we love going tag crazy, too!  
  3. Blurry: Try to avoid any blurry photos. They make it hard to see your perfectly styled mane as well as your lovely face! Make sure when taking the photo your camera or phone is perfectly angled so you can rock that photo-op! 
  4. Messy Background: This one goes back to the clear backgrounds that we talked about loving so much! A messy background can truly make or break the photo. As gorgeous as your hair might be, the focal point ends up being the background. You’re a model babe, remember that! 
  5. Tagging Too Many Hair Companies: Girl, avoid tagging multiple hair companies! Keep it simple and try to stick to one or two! 
  6. Photoshop: If you have to use Photoshop, try keeping it to a minimum! Photoshop is a great tool when used properly but if it looks too obvious, chances are we’ll be unable to use it.

There you have it my avid beauty readers! I hope you beauties found this helpful. We can’t wait to see your tagged photos on our socials! We’re on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.!

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