Hair Extensions: Which is the best method?

Hair Extensions: Which is the best method?


Hair extensions are rarely thought of as an accessory, but they are used daily by many women and are one of the least talked about beauty secrets! Hair extensions can be used to add length or volume as well as chemical free color. 

What type of extensions are best for me? 

Hair extensions will work well on anyone who has at least 3 inches of hair so that the hair extensions can be covered by your own hair and look real. Extensions can be used on any hair type. A proper consultation is needed to ensure you get the proper hair extension type based upon your lifestyle and hair goals. 

Semi-Permanent: Tape-Ins and Sew-Ins

Semi-permanent extensions are a great choice for those who desire to wear hair extensions 24/7. Once the extensions are applied you have 2-3 months until you need to reapply the hair. Glam Seamless hair extensions are reusable due to the high quality of hair. You can swim, workout, wear your hair up or down without any issues or any damage. However, hair extensions need special care and attention. Semi-permanent extensions require more care because you are wearing the extensions daily. Please see our special hair care guide so that your hair lasts. Semi-permanent extensions are great for those who want full glamorous hair on a daily basis. 

DIY: Clip-Ins & Halos Hair 

Clips and halos are the best choice for those who want hair extensions without the commitment.  You can pop them in and out and there isn’t any special care of attention. These extensions need to be taken out at night or they can cause damage to your own hair. If you only want full hair a few times a week, DIY extensions are the perfect choice. 

Extension Advice

  • Thick hair requires more hair extensions to look real - be sure to get enough to blend seamlessly.
  • Good hair is an investment - it is meant to last and act and look as your own hair and is 100% reusable for up to 1 year or longer with proper care. 
  • Glam Seamless extensions are multi-tonal so you can go 1-3 shades lighter and it will still blend. 
  • Semi-Permanent extensions should always be applied by a trained professional so that there is no hair damage and hair loss! 
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