5 Ways to Expertly Market Yourself as a Salon Professional

5 Ways to Expertly Market Yourself as a Salon Professional

Did you know that only 36% of stylists who professionally install hair extensions actively market themselves?
Put yourself ahead of the 64% that don’t with these easy marketing tips!

1. Share Your Work On Social Media

Potential clients are using Instagram and Pinterest to find their dream hairstyles and locate the stylists who can make them a reality. Staying active on social media is super important! Share clear before and after photos of your work. Be transparent about the products and methods you’re using! Clients are already searching for specific styles and methods, so having your work show up as a result will put you ahead of your competition. If you’d like to be added to our Member Board on Pinterest, let us know!

2. Have A Designated Photo Spot
You don’t need a custom step and repeat or an expensive background to take a great photo! Find a clear wall, or a spot outside with fantastic lighting to take all of your salon photos. This will allow your work (rather than a messy salon station in the background) be the focus of the photo. Plus, your photos will begin to look consistent, which will help you develop a look and convey your style to potential new clients through your social media.

3. Get Your Work Featured

We love to share the best hair transformations created by Glam Certified Stylists and Partner Salons. We look for clear photos in great lighting. Tag #GlamSeamless or @GlamSeamless in your posts to share your transformations with us! To increase your chance of being featured, include the type of extensions and how many packs of which color and length you used.

4. Specifically Market Your Services
Stay a step ahead of your clients and answer their questions through your social media before they can ask them. Make it known that you offer free color matching consultations. Explain how you can use extensions to cater to their needs. You might even be able to convince them that they want hair extensions before they’ve even realized it themselves!

5. Add Glam Seamless To Your Retail Inventory
Having Glam Seamless products in stock will help you upsell and market your services with little work on your end. Having a Glam Seamless stand stocked with beautiful Clip In Extensions will let everyone who walks through your salon door know that you carry extensions. Let your tape in clients know that clip ins can help enhance their look for special occasions. Suggest using our new Single Clip-Ins when creating an updo. The possibilities are truly endless!

Have questions about marketing your salon services? Is there anything Glam Seamless can do to cater to your needs? Let us know! We’re always interested to hear how we can better help you.


The Glam Seamless Team

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