Tape-ins haircare 101 from the experts

Tape-ins haircare 101 from the experts
Not all hair extensions are created equal. Neither is all hair care.
Caring for your tape-in extensions can be pretty simple, believe it or not– but, it is important to understand proper care for your hair extensions and create a regimen that works for you, while also getting the most life out of your tape-ins. Maintaining tape-in extensions is similar to caring for naturally growing hair. Glam Seamless hair extensions are 100% human hair, but they require a little extra TLC to ensure long-lasting shine and hair extension health.
The most common mistake we see with hair extensions
We often see clients come in to the Glam Seamless salon and leave with the hair of their dreams. But what happens once we're home? Not taking the proper hair extensions care steps can lead to tangled extensions and shortened wear time. If you feel a little lost on what to do at home, no worries! We've got you covered with some expert tips and tricks for keeping your tape-ins in tip top shape.


Tape-ins haircare 101

Wash your hair 2-3 times per week
A quality shampoo is vital to keeping your scalp and extensions healthy, and free of buildup. However, shampooing too often can cause your scalp and hair to miss out on vital natural oils and nutrients. Balance is key, and 2-3 shampoos per week is a great rule of thumb for most hair types. Be sure to follow with a hydrating conditioner. 

Expert tip:
Be sure to only use shampoo and conditioner that is paraben-free and sulfate-free like our Cleanse Shampoo and Hydrate Conditioner

  • Step 1 Shampoo the scalp first and let the lathered product rinse through to cleanse the ends.
  • Step 2 Use warm water, not too hot as hot water can dry out the hair as well as cause tangling.
  • Step 3 Do not scrub aggressively, or bunch up the hair. Keep hair directed straight down as much as possible to avoid tangles.
  • Step 4 Be sure to gently cleanse between tapes to avoid scalp irritation and oil buildup.


Apply a moisturizing hair mask 1 time per week
Unlike the hair we grow, extensions don't absorb natural moisture as well from your scalp. This means ends are going to be extra thirsty for hydration with extensions. Help treat ends with a weekly moisture hair mask. Your ends will thank you and you’ll notice a huge difference in the overall shine and health of your extensions. 

Expert tip:
Look for a mask specifically for hydration. Glam Seamless First Class Mask is designed to nourish and strengthen with ingredients Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, and Green Tea Extract. It's safe for color too!

  • Avoid too much protein or overusing “strengthening” masks as these can build up on extensions and cause breakage.
  • Apply a mask from mids to ends of hair only, never at the scalp.
  • Avoid applying conditioners and masks directly on to the tapes or its immediate surrounding area to avoid causing tape-ins to slip.

Allow hair to air dry whenever possible
Using excessive heat on hair extensions reduces hair lifespan. Whenever possible, give your hair the time to air dry to minimize heat exposure and damage.

Expert tip:
Use Glam Seamless Thermal Therapy Protecting Spray when styling or blow drying to ensure maximum heat protection. 

  • Detangle hair before drying. If blow drying wet hair start on low-medium heat. When hair is about 60-70% dry you can use a round or paddle brush. Brush gently and avoid unnecessary tugging on extensions when blowing out. Always use temperatures below 400 degrees.
  • Never apply hot tools directly to tape.

Brush your hair 2-3 times a day
Be sure to keep your extensions tangle-free throughout the day by brushing often. Apply Glam Seamless Silky Smooth Serum from mids to ends to help with the toughest of tangles, plus smooth frizz and flyaways. Pair with the Glam Seamless Flexible Brush.

Expert tip:
Keep a brush in your purse for easy detangling on the go such as the Glam Detangler Brush or the luxe 24K Gold Perfect Styling Brush

  • When brushing, hold extensions at the scalp and brush hair to avoid pulling. Brush from the ends first and work your way up. 

Prevent tangling and matting
Aside from heat damage, tangling and matting is the worst culprit for reducing the life of your tape-in extensions. But, tangling and matting are preventable!

Expert tip:
Sleep with a silk pillowcase. Our Glamorous Dreams Silk Pillowcase is super luxurious and helps prevent damage while you sleep. Use silk scrunchies over traditional hair ties. Try our Satin Scrunchies to keep hair breakage-free.

  • Never sleep with wet hair.
  • Keep tapes flat to head and brush often to prevent them from twisting together.
  • Try sleeping in braids. They're a great way to avoid midnight tangles.
  • Swimming pools and oceans are nice but tough on hair. Always apply a leave-in conditioner beforehand. Keep hair braided for extra protection.

9-1-1 Tangle and Matting Emergency
If you find yourself with a tangled mess, don't panic–most tangles can be removed. When dealing with some gnarly tangles use these tips.

Dry tangles
Apply Silky Smooth Serum and begin detangling with Detangler Brush or a wide comb from the ends up. Once larger tangles are removed switch to a Fine Tooth Comb to remove the smaller, tougher tangles. It's important to take your time, be gentle and avoid creating extra breakage.

Wet tangles
Use Glam Seamless 24/7 Glam Leave-In Spray or First Class Mask to add extra slip to the hair and detangle from the ends, working your way up gently. Try to separate hair in to smaller sections when possible, rather than working on a large area at once. Do not pull or rip through hair as this can cause breakage or cause tapes to slip. Avoid applying oils or conditioners directly on or close to the tape.
Use this haircare 101 guide created by our stylist experts for ultimate tape-ins hair care. Have questions or need additional help with a tape-in emergency? Reach out and book a free virtual consult with one of our certified Glam stylists. 

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