Hair you'll have on repeat

Hair you'll have on repeat

The hair extensions that started it all. We launched Glam Seamless with tape-ins and it’s still our favorite after 10 years. We’ve set the bar again, advancing our best-selling collection. Let's talk tape-ins and which one is right for you. 

As the most requested choice in hair extension methods on the market, tape-in hair extensions are the perfect way to get the length and volume you’re looking for. But, first, what are tape-ins, really?

The "tape-in tea" 

Tape-in hair extensions are small wefts of hair fitted with a thin, flexible tab at the top. This tab is usually coated on one side with a hair-safe adhesive that bonds the extension to the hair temporarily, or more commonly referred to as “semi-permanent”.

Tape-ins are fitted to either side of thinly sectioned hair. Think of it like a tape-in sandwich with your hair in between. This allows the tape-ins to lay comfortably flat against your head and can be moved freely up and down for a flexible fit. 



When cared for properly, they can typically be worn 8-10 weeks before needing maintenance which makes them a pretty great option when you want low-maintenance style. Tape-ins are easily removed with a special bond remover solution which breaks down the bonding adhesive and allows them to slide right out of the hair. 

They’re discreet

When installed properly, this method is comfortable and undetectable. If you have fine or thinning hair, tape-ins are a great way to add significant volume without having to worry about a bulky extension peeking out. The tabs are completely flat and lay flush with your hair and scalp. 

Amazing value

If you’re budgeting, tape-ins are reusable, adding longer-term value to your investment. Glam Seamless tape-ins can be reused up to 3x with our replacement tape or liquid tape and can last up to 12 months with proper extension care. Plus, salon appointments for installation are typically shorter than most semi-permanent extensions. For example, tape-ins usually take less than an hour, whereas keratin fusion hair extensions can take up to 3 hours or more to install. Tape-ins are a time saver in more ways than one–they're literally get-up-and-go-hair in the morning.

Which Glam Seamless tape-ins are right for me?

If you’re looking for some natural volume, to fill in a few areas, or for ultimate volume, our Glam Seamless tape-ins collection has a type of extension that is right for you. You can completely customize how much length and volume you want. 

Glam Seamless offers 3 different selections of tape-in extensions: Remy, Invisi, and Hand tied. While they're all in the tape-in family, each one has its own special features and benefits. 

For a natural look with added volume and length you will want to check out our Remy tape-ins. Now with New! ultra-thin tape tab, colors and lengths.

Invisi tape-ins are the perfect choice for someone with fine or thinning hair. 
Now with New! invisible tape tab and colors.

If you want ultimate volume and length–think "big hair, don't care", you want our Hand tied tape-insHand tied tape-ins are made with premium remy human hair with extra length hand-knotted tape tabs.

With endless color and length combinations, you can create virtually any look you want with tape-in extensions. You can freely mix and match colors to add highlights, lowlights or a balayage look without the use of chemicals! Tip: Mix multiple lengths to give you a beautiful layered look, adding texture and volume without it feeling "too heavy".

We recommend for the best color match to consult with your stylist, or try our FREE virtual color match online. This step is super important to make sure you have a seamless color blend from roots to ends. 


Remy tape-ins

  • Our original tape-in and most popular
  • Designed for natural length and volume
  • Best for all hair types
  • New! Ultra-thin tape tab, colors and lengths
  • 4 new colors and 24 updated colors
  • Ultra-thin tabe tab technology
  • Best for all hair types
  • 20 tape-ins per pack
  • 16”, 20”, 22”, 24”
  • 40-60 grams

    Invisi tape-ins

  • Most undetectable hair extension 
  • Designed to mimic hair growth
  • Best for fine or thinning hair
  • New! Invisible tape tab and colors
  • 4 new colors and 24 updated colors
  • Invisible tape tab technology
  • 10 tape-ins per pack
  • 16”, 20”
  • 22-33 grams

    Hand tied tape-ins

  • Glam Seamless x Priscilla Valles exclusive
  • Designed for ultimate length and volume
  • Best for normal hair
  • Extra length tape tab
  • Hand-knotted tape tab technology
  • 7 tape-ins per pack
  • 21”, 25”
  • 35-49 grams

  • Why Glam Seamless tape-ins?

    Not all tape-in extensions are created equal. Glam Seamless is the "OG" of hair extensions and the first to bring tape-ins directly to the consumer. We've been working hard on our collection this past year, redesigning and reimagining our tape-ins. The valuable feedback we receive from our customers, our community online and our amazing stylists has allowed us to set the bar again. We are committed then, now and always to bringing you the highest quality hair extensions on the market.

    Our quality commitment: 

  • Made with 100% Remy human hair
  • Double drawn hair, evenly thick from root-to-end
  • More hair per tape-in for the most volume
  • Pre-taped and ready to be applied
  • Superior quality adhesive for max hold and longevity
  • Longer wear, up to 12 months with proper hair care
  • +20 colors and multiple lengths available

  • There’s a reason tape-in extensions are the most requested hair extensions method on the market, and once you’ve experienced them you'll wonder how you lived without them. After 10 years, they're still our favorite hair extension of all time!

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