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Remy VS Extra Virgin Hair: All about hair extension quality

Hair Hair Hair! What is Remy vs Non Remy? What are the differences between Glam Seamless Remy & Extra Virgin? Let me guide you Glam Girls through our different options we have at Glam Seamless! By the end of this blog you will all be Glam experts!

What is Remy hair? Remy hair is 100% human hair that is sourced around the world with the cuticle intact. The cuticle will run the same direction to keep the hair from tangling. The donors will donate their hair in a pony tail to ensure that the cuticles are all going the same direction. By doing this, the hair will be tangle-free and in its most natural form. Non-Remy hair will matte up and you will not be able to brush the hair because of the hair shafts rubbing together that causes tangling and matting. Because sellers know this, they often dip the hair in a silicone coating to try to disguise the hair. Once the silicone is washed out by the consumer, the hair begins to matte and tangle. Non Remy hair can also have part of the cuticle removed so that tangling and matting will not occur. Therefore, Non-Remy hair is significantly cheaper than Remy hair. Remember, invest in your hair, it is the crown your never take off!

Glam Seamless Remy hair is harvested from around the world from a small production batch. Our Remy hair is a highest quality grade of Remy hair on the market hair with the cuticle intact. It lasts for 3-4 applications with proper care (9 months - 1 year). Most hair extensions company are mass producing their hair. By having a small production batch, this gives us more control on the quality of hair that is selected. We use an advanced technology system to produce high quality human hair extensions that last. During this process we never use any harsh chemicals or silicones which leaves the cuticles in tact, unlike other hair extension companies that use harsh bleaching, acid baths, and silicones during processing which compromise the quality of hair. All Glam Seamless hair extensions are hand colored. Our color rings are designed as a guide and color can vary from batch to batch due to natural variances in human hair.

Glam Seamless Extra Virgin is also 100% Remy human hair with cuticle intact, it is a premium highest grade of hair that is ethically sourced from one single donor. Extra Virgin is silky straight Mongolian Virgin hair. It is a thicker/higher quality of hair versus the regular Remy. Our Extra Virgin Hair is the highest quality human hair on the market. This hair comes from one single ponytail donor, undergoes a different brand new gentle manufacturing technology that allows the hair to last longer(slow color bath and no harsh bleach or chemicals - leaving the hair almost as pure as when donated). Because the hair comes from one ponytail and gets processed in a 12 step process, this leaves the hair in its virgin state-allowing it to last for 5-6 wears (1.5-2 years). Mongolian hair is extremely rare due to a population of 2.6 million people in the country.  It is most known for its very soft texture and luster. It blends well with many hair types and comes in a range of different colors

How is Glam Seamless hair different from other hair extension companies? Glam Seamless has a new and advanced manufacturing process which ensures that the hair is salon quality that lasts.

  1. We hand select from healthy hair donors hair that never been chemical treated. The hair is fair trade and ethically sourced. Hair is put in to a braid and then cut in full and then bundled and prepared for processing.
  2. Hair is then thoroughly cleaned and goes through a 24 hours conditioning treatment to protect the cuticles.
  3. The is hair then put through a 30 day lifting process that gently lightens the hair so we can color it to offer a wide range of colors. This slow process allows us to preserve the cuticles. Our hair never goes through any harsh chemical acid baths or hot baths which are used by other traditional hair extension manufacturing process.
  4. Hair is then colored, conditioned, hand sewn, and prepared for packing.
  5. Our tape is made in the US with medical grade adhesive that is safe for application and removes easily with zero residue.

Glam Seamless 100% Remy human hair extensions allows you to glam up your hair. Whether that’s curling your Remy hair or rocking that sleek straight look. Glam Seamless Remy also becomes wavy when activated with water and is enhanced with the Beachwave Babe spray. You can then set the wave with the Hair Extension Hair Spray to rock a natural beach wave all day long. Its Quick and easy! You have the flexibility to achieve any look desired. Rock on Glam Gal! The world is your run way and your hair is your best accessory!

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