Why do hairstylists choose tape in hair extensions?

Why do hairstylists choose tape in hair extensions?

Why do hairstylists choose tape in hair extensions as their preferred hair extension method? The easy application, the non-damaging guarantee, and higher earning costs are some of the reasons why hairstylists prefer the tape in extension method.  Tape in hair extensions are the most convenient hair extension and most requested semi- permanent hair extension in salons. Find out the three top reasons why tape in extensions are most preferred by hairstylists. (This blog is written by one of Stylist Representatives who used to work in a salon for  many years!)

  1. Easy application. Tape in hair extensions are easy to apply, no tools, chemicals, or special techniques required. You do not have to sit for 1-2 hours getting your extensions installed AND removed! Let’s face it, hairstylist drag the long process as much as you do! After a long process of installing, a haircut and style is still to follow. As a hair stylist, I love that fact that in about 30-45 mins I can transform your whole look. It’s pretty much magic! I mean, I can’t even get ready in 30 minutes! For stylist, training on applying tape in hair extensions is one of the easiest training we go through. No tools or heat is needed to apply tape in hair extensions. Although, it is not as complicated as the rest of the methods in the market, we can still use our artistic abilities to add dimension with different placement per client. Using this much simpler application, we can still achieve the same looks as any other method of hair extension. We are always looking for easier and faster ways in pretty much everything in our lives. Let just call this the iPhone of hair extensions. NEW, FAST and EASY!
  2. Cost. Tape In hair extensions are the most cost-efficient way to get hair extensions. This gives people who can’t or don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on hair extensions a chance to have high quality hair for less of the cost. Because the application is done in less than an hour, this allows the extensions to be much more affordable than any other method out there. Hairstylists can offer tape in hair extensions to ALL your clientele. From pre-teens who just want a pop of color to someone who wants fuller/thicker hair. By giving your clients salon quality tape in hair extensions at a low-cost price is GOLDEN to gain more clientele and revenue. Tape in hair extensions last about 8-12 weeks. This also helps you increase your revenue by your clients rebooking with you every few months! This is a great selling point that is hard to resist! Who doesn’t want to save a buck and still have that salon quality hair? Count me in!!! As a hairstylist you can earn more money installing tape in hair extensions compared to the individual hair extension methods. How? You can earn $300 per hour for tape extension application, and if you have 4 clients within 4 hours that is $1200…Verses a keratin/ i tip/ micro application you may make $1000 for those 4 hours, and that’s only one client..Where as with the tape extensions you now have 4 clients who will need application, maintenance (hair extension blowdries included), re-application every three months- verses every 6 months with individual extensions. You will earn money faster, you can learn more on how to become a six figure hair extension specialist using tape in hair extensions with our online hair extension course! 
  3. Least damaging. YES! You read that right. Tape in hair extensions are the LEAST damaging hair extension on the market. As a stylist, it’s our job to take care of your hair. Before I ever put in any kind of hair extensions in my client’s hair. I try it out on myself first! When I first tried the beaded extension method I was so excited to try them out. At the time, they were the IT extensions. Everyone was wearing them and everyone wanted them. I had them installed and right away I knew I HATED them. I had over 100 extensions put in my head and my head was hurting. I could feel every single extension! OUCH! I wanted to tough it out and kept them in for as long as I could. I kept thinking to myself, “These girls out here are wearing these every day for months and months at a time. How are they doing?!”  Two weeks went by the extensions were ripping off my hair, FROM THE ROOT! I never been so freaked out in my life! Right after I had a few come out I took them off right away. I was traumatized. I did not even bother trying to put those on my clients. I didn’t even want to use extensions on myself. Period. Once I was introduced to Glam Seamless Tape In extensions I had to see how they worked. I was so excited and nervous after having my hair ripped out with the beaded extensions. I was still willing to try Tape In hair extensions after I heard that they were a no damage extension. Could this be true? I had to put them on to find out! I had my stylist apply these in about 30 mins. Right away I noticed that they were so light weight. I didn’t feel a thing. I couldn’t believe it. Fast and easy application. They were flexible, and I could put my hair up in a ponytail without any problems! They completely transformed my look just like any other extension would. I wore them for 12 weeks and never had one extension fall out. I was so relieved after the nightmare with the beaded extensions. I am now an exclusive Tape In hair extension wearer! From getting a few put in for that POP of color to having them for a fuller look. Tape In extensions are really for everyone! The biggest bonus is that they are affordable. How can your client resist that? Easy application, cost efficient and least damaging. What more can you ask for?  Switch all clients to tape in applications, watch your clients hair become repaired and restored and you revenue increased- it's a win win!

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