Spring Fling: Spring Extensions with Glam Seamless

Spring Fling: Spring Extensions with Glam Seamless

Ah! The smell of spring is in the air, marking the end of Cupping Season and the beginning of our beloved Brunch Season. Glam Seamless Extensions are your cure this spring for your FOMO. Sunshine in our souls, Glam Seamless Extensions in our hair, tape in hair extensionsand confidence in every step we take. Feeling “fugly” about your hair? Glam Seamless tape in hair extensions are the perfect solution for adding length, volume, and even that pop of color you’ve been too nervous to try. This spring season we encourage you to join the experimental tape in hair extensions movement with Glam. The 2017 hair Gods predicted a more natural look for our adored spring season. However, that doesn’t mean you should have to keep it boring. Besides, the rules were made to be broken (am I right?!). Instead we’re thinking Effortless, Timeless & Impressive.






Glam Seamless tape in hair extensions are 100% Remy Human Hair. We offer a variety of shades and lengths to help you personalize your look. Don’t let snarly, unruly tresses hold you back from your ever so creative (and may we say admirable) styling attempts. This spring we want to remind you that with Glam Seamless hair extensions the sky is the limit! Let your inner-stylist shine when styling your extensions this spring with these spring looks:

tape in hair extensions
Ok, so maybe we aren’t all Beyonce, and maybe we don’t actually wake up looking like this. But, we can sure teach you how to achieve this look in probably under 20 minutes. Our trick? Try sleeping with your Glam Seamless tape in hair extensions in two pig-tail braids. (better if you do this when your hair is damp, since our hair has a slight wave to it already when wet) Right before you hop into dream land and say goodnight to the world, part your hair into two sections and braid about ¾ of the way down. When you wake up and undo the braids you will be AMAZED at the texture. From there, grab some Glam Dry Shampoo. You’re going to want to flip your hair upside down, comb your fingers through your hair and spray the Glam Dry Shampoo all at the same time. (THIS IS NOT A TRICK) When you flip your hair back up you’re going to have to do some taming, but the volume will be “On Fleek” so grab your favorite hot tool for creating a curl and randomly select strands of hair and make your way around your head. Finally, spray some Beachwave Babe, and shake it out one last time. This will create that perfect combination of unruly yet put together. Don’t forget, throw caution to the wind when attempting to achieve this look, the messier, the better.


Tape in hair extensionsThe never-ending on again off again relationship with our pony tails, or as Lionel Richie & Diana Ross would sing oh so charmingly “Endless Love.” Most of us gals out there can relate to the most painful mornings with mom combing our locks, giving up and throwing our hair into a high pony because the tears and screaming were unbearable. We’re after that same concept, yet, without the screaming and let’s add a flare. We want to inspire you to fall back in love with your ponytail. Say goodbye to your sad ponytail, and hello to beautiful volume for that fuller, longer pony look. Glam Seamless tape in hair extensions can help you achieve the volume & length you’ve always dreamed of. Here’s the best part! When you pull your tape in hair extensions back into this low ponytail look you can rest assured the bonds will be completely undetectable. (especially thanks to our super discreet Invisi Weft tape in hair extensions) Try using a funky pony tail holder to add that little bit of spice to complete your look.

Tape in hair extensions

Que music: “One day I’ll stand with a crown on my head” Okay, we are getting carried away here. But what can we say, we are totally obsessed with this take on the braided crown do. It deserved a grandiose introduction. We are totally certain this look will be a smash hit at all your spring fling events. First prep the hair by spraying some Glam Dry Shampoo at the roots and shaking it out. This will give your hair that “day two” texture without it feeling dirty or oily (or smelly). Next, create a center part from the top of your head middle of your eyebrows and try your best to make a straight line. You’re then going to take a 4” section from the rooted parting you just divided, and begin your braid of choice down until you reach the ends. Once the braid is complete, do the same on the other side. “Marry” the hair together in the back with a few bobby pins to create that full halo effect. Next grab our favorite Glam Seamless Hair Extensions Hairspray and begin to spray the braids. Complete this look by pulling strands opposite from either side of the braids to open them up and give you that “romantic, wispy, dreaminess” that we love. We weren’t all born with Rapunzely locks, but thank goodness Glam Seamless tape in hair extensions has a variety of lengths that can help us all achieve the length we’ve all fantasized about.

So there you have it; Effortless, Timeless & Impressive - thanks to Glam Seamless tape in extensions. Besides, what better feeling is there than on your way to your brunch date with the girls, having someone stopping you mid steps to compliment your luscious locks?  “Is that your real hair?” they’ll ask; “That style is gorgeous, tell me your secret.” They will insist on knowing your everyday beauty regiment from the very moment you open your twinkling eyes until you must close them for your very necessary beauty sleep. But don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.

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