The Best Type of Hair Extensions if You Have Never Worn Extensions

The Best Type of Hair Extensions if You Have Never Worn Extensions

 If you are new to extensions and have never worn them, you maybe be overwhelmed by the many different types of extensions there are on the market (paradox of choice).  You may be wondering, what is a clip in vs a tape in? Which extensions are best for me? Will these even work for my hair type? Do not worry - when it comes to extensions there is something for everyone, believe it or not, even men are rocking extensions these days (Glam Man-those man buns do need a little boost)! We have put a guide out for hair extension recommendations based off your personality type and offer advice one with extensions that will be best for you :) 

15 years ago our options for hair extensions were so limited. I remember going to Sally’s to buy hair extensions and buying their clip ins - I got home after spending $175 to only be disappointed! Turned out, I needed two sets of their clip ins because the amount of grams were simply not enough.  Want to know what makes your hair extensions look crazy? Not having enough!   Not to mention the top of the clips the way they were designed were a bit too bulky for me. To make the extensions look real, they need to be flat on the top. That is why in 2012 we created Invisi-Clips in extensions -a unique flat seamless clip in design truly unlike anything else on the market.  We designed a product we wanted to wear - something that was flat at the top - and had enough hair per pack! Not something that seemed reasonably priced but then you need 2 whole packs or the ends were thin! Since then, Glam Seamless has evolved to carry 15 different types of extensions! When it comes to extensions we now have many options that are available. If you are new to hair extensions, you may be wondering which extensions are best for you? Here are the 5 types of extensions if you have never worn extensions that are easy to apply based off your personality.

The Noncommittal

Clip it in, clip it out -The Glam Seamless Invisi-clips will be your best choice - available in 16, 20, 22,2 and 26 inches.  These are best if you have commitment issues ( :) ) You may want extensions for a day or an event, or you might want only wear extensions to see what the hype of extensions is all about. Either way, clip ins are great if you are looking for length and/or volume and want to spice it up and try something new. 

The Fun One

You like to have fun, maybe wear bright colors, maybe you’re a trend setter. You’re all about a care free life and style (At least in your down time). The Invisi-Ponytail will give you a new quick look and a volume for a fuller ponytail. With the ponytail you can choose a lighter color and get a chemical free balayage effect too. If you’re all about fun and care free- the ponytail is a must have.  This Glam ponytail will have you feeling brand new in seconds - literal seconds - that’s how easy it is to apply And don’t worry - it is secure, safe, to dance, hike, and stays in place! 

The Glamourous One

You want ALL the hair -You’re looking to have Rapunzel worthy hair - you want you’re hair to be the first thing they see or something that makes them turn heads? Are you EXTRA AF? Do you love lashes, nails, and a good cheek highlighter? If so - our Upart wig is a MUST! The one step hair piece is a 3/4 wig -that is easy to apply and provides in instant lush makeover to your hair. It is easy to style, looks so real, and is a must have for someone who wants A LOT of hair. See our video to see how easy it is to apply! 

The Too Busy one

Are you busy? Maybe you’re a mom? An executive? Simply put - you have things to do and hair aint one of them (we know it’s grammatically incorrect - but you get our vibe). Then you need a Glam Band halo - the halo is an instant hair band that you literally throw on. What is amazing about it -once you style it - it remains styled - so when you take it off and go to put it back on again you will have pre-styled hair. No clips, no tools! This is my favorite extensors when I am not wearing tape in extensions. 

The Mysterious one

You maybe be quiet, shy, or you like to keep people guessing. You keep your life a mystery or maybe you’re just going for a 50 shade of grey look (Dakota Fanning looked amazing in those bangs). If you like to switch it up, the Invisi-Bang is a nice hair piece that looks real. The way we have designed the bangs makes them sit flush with your own hair and is 100% undetectable. If you are looking for a new look, and want to try out extensions you cannot go wrong with the bangs. One of our Glamabassor Stylists created this Bangs and Ponytail extensions look - it was amazing! There is so much you can do with bangs. 

We wanted to throw in an extra recommendation - if you are something that has thinning hair on the top - we have a brand new Invisi-Topper. Now, this has been so popular that we continue to be out of stock. But, this is the perfect piece if you have thinning hair and want to cover it up. 

These are the best type of extensions if you are new to extensions or taking a break from semi-permanent extensions - any of these ready to wear extensions will be easy to apply.

Needing advice? Contact us - request a FaceTime consultation - and let's figure out your best extension type - chat with one of our Extension Experts today! 

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