The Truth about Sulfates

The Truth about Sulfates
During the past year a lot of us babes have become more aware of the ingredients used in beauty products. We want to make sure we’re investing in the best and safest products that keep our hair looking fabulous. That leads me to the big question so many of us beauty gurus are asking: 

 Sulfates are cleaning agents that help remove icky build-up from natural hair and extensions (including your Remy extensions!).  I get it, babes, a lot of us believe that sulfates will  make our hair dry, but there’s actually little evidence supporting that theory. We need to look at the bigger picture here,—there are so many other reasons your hair can feel dull or dry
- How do you maintain your hair overall  
- Do you use excessive heat on your hair (like daily?)  
- Do you use a heat protectant  
- Maybe you’re a total babe who colors her hair often 
    If any (or all!) of these apply to you, a hair detox might be in order! 
    Let’s dig a little deeper before blaming misbehaving hair on sulfates, shall we?
    Sulfates are one of the main ingredients found in a lot of different shampoo formulas. Sulfates are surfactants that attract both oil and water. Our natural hair produces oils on a daily basis in order to protect it.  Kind of cool, right? The sulfates in shampoo are activated by water and attract dirt and build-up that’s been accumulating in your wonderful locks over time. 
    Many well-known, educated stylists will tell their clients to use sulfate-free products  in their hair care routine. Sure, sulfate-free shampoo can help wash away nasty build-up to keep your hair healthy, but so will shampoos with sulfates!  So, why is it that sulfates have such a negative standing in the industry? Consumers assume that any product containing sulfates is dangerous and  ‘synthetic’. I am here to clear that myth up and keep you beauties open-minded!

    With all the details in one place,  what products should you use to maintain our extensions and keep them looking healthy and voluminous? First off, you want to make sure you are choosing the right moisturizing shampoo and conditioner!  Because extensions aren’t ‘growing’ from your scalp,  they’re not receiving the same benefits from natural oils like your natural hair would. Our Luxe Hair Kit has one of my favorite shampoos and conditioners—and it comes with an amazing moisturizing mask! Everything in the kit makes your hair feel so silky smooth. While these particular products are sulfate-free, you can use a sulfate shampoo and conditioner, too! Just make sure the products you choose don’t contain too many oils that aren’t beneficial to your hair. Another favorite of mine to use is our Prep Clarifying Shampoo! If you’re still on the fence about sulfates, this shampoo is sulfate-free and is perfect for clarifying your hair right before installation. It smells amazing too—I’m just sayin’! 
    Hopefully after reading this article you feel a little more comfortable with sulfates and can ditch those negative thoughts! Sulfates have been used in the beauty industry for many years and are here to stay to slay your hair! Feel free to drop us a comment or DM about some of your favorite shampoos and conditioners...we would love to hear from you!

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