Your Guide to Sleighing the Holiday Season

Glam Seamless Hair Extensions Gift Guide

Are you wondering what to get your BFF, your sister, or even yourself this holiday season? Girl, I’ve totally got you. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite holiday gifts and organized it for those of you on a budget this time of year. Here at Glam, we’ve got some stellar promos available all month long! Keep reading for the full scoop and check out our New Arrivals page, too!

Glam Seamless Stocking Stuffers

Silky Hair Tie Set - Perfect for the babe who is always on the go! Just throw it in your purse so you’ll have it ready for those times you need an impromptu ponytail, braid, or messy bun.
Large Glitz & Glam Hair Tie Set - Amazing for any diva who wants to add some extra flair to her daily hairstyle. You’ll be turning heads in no time!
Glam Luxe Towel Turban - Such a fan favorite! It’s super comfortable and cuts drying time in half. Believe me when I say you need this, love! 
First Class Mask - This stellar mask is perfect for all babes who use our extensions! It protects your hair and revitalizes it with a soft, smooth finish—It smells amazing, too! 

Hair Extension gifts under 250

Clip-In Extensions - This ready-to-wear option is perfect for the gal who wants to add some length and volume to her hair. They’re easy to install and in minutes you’ll have that striking, red carpet look!
Glam Band 2.0 - Such an amazing ready-to-wear option and so popular among our beauty gurus who are short on time.  Add this 5 minute hair fix to your daily beauty routine for added length + volume and bring out your inner boss babe!
Traditional Wefts - Perfect for our babes who love semi-permanent extensions. Know someone who’s all about keeping her extensions gorgeous and may need some replacements? Save her some cash and gift her with a bundle of wefts! She’ll be thanking you for them well into next year! ;) 
Wavy Tape-Ins - A gorgeous semi-permanent collection that features a stunning, wavy texture sure to turn heads. Bored with the sleek, straight look? Grab a bundle of these!
Invisi-Ponytail - Our ready-to-wear Ariana Grande inspired pony is sure to make anyone feel like a dangerous woman! Perfect for the gal who isn’t afraid to make a statement. 

Hair Extension Gifts under 150

The Glam Curling Iron - An exquisite curling iron for creating flawless, beautiful, tight curls in half the time of your regular old iron. This little beauty even includes a spinning barrel. Amazing! 
Glam & Go Blowout Brush - Tired of spending money at the salon for a blowout every week? Our Glam & Go Blowout Brush gives you a beautiful blowout in the comfort of your own home and reduces drying time by 60%. What’s not to love? 
Making Waves Styling Iron - The beach wave trend is starting to make a comeback, especially on the West Coast. Want that stylish look but don’t want to sleep with wet braids (iykyk)? This iron solves that dilemma for you and gives you the waves you want within minutes! 
2-In-1 Styling Iron - This magic wand is a perfect addition to your hot tools collection. It’s a MUST-have for anyone looking to create the perfect curls, waves, or wants the straight look. 10/10 of our stylists use it on their clients. Less tools to work with, babe! ;) 

Gifts Under 75 Glam Seamless

Luxe Hair Care Kit - Super popular among our customers...just ask our Customer Concierge team! This ideal kit combines our new hair care line into one and keeps your extensions looking healthy and shiny.
Single Clip-Ins - Know someone who wants to add a bit more volume to their natural hair? Our single clip-ins are perfect for that! Wear them with your hair down or in a ponytail and voila! 
Deluxe Travel Storage Clutch - Looking for a neat and practical way to store your ready-to-wear extensions? This travel clutch is the perfect solution for safely storing your prized extensions.
Glamorous Dreams Silk Pillowcase - This dreamy pillowcase is ideal for those of you  who wear  semi-permanent extensions. The finely woven silk protects your hair and reduces tangling and matting while protecting hair cuticles. Believe me when I say you need this! Total game changer. 
Satin Scrunchies 5 PC Set - A gorgeous set which includes five adorable pieces to dress up any hairstyle.  Designed to reduce hair creasing and breakage while also making a fashionable statement. 
Glam Wrap Satin Scarf - Such a fun, stylish vegan friendly accessory to gift one of your gal pals! Prevents breakage, strengthens hair and encourages growth. Need I say more?

Glam Seamless Gifts Under 25

24K Perfect Styling Brush - Lightweight styling tool that’s perfect for both extensions and natural hair! It’s blend of nylon and boar bristles distributes natural hair oils throughout your tresses for manageable, moisturized locks. 
Luxe Cleanse & Hydrate Set - This lovely shampoo and conditioner duo is made of nourishing ingredients that preserve your extensions—it smells exceptional, too! Add them to your hair care routine to ensure your locks stay pristine as long as possible. 
Glam Me Up Dry Shampoo - Ultimate hair and time saver! This dry shampoo is perfect for those times you can’t wash your hair. It absorbs oil, boosts volume, and keeps your hair fresh between washes. It’s a great option for our ladies who wear tape-ins!
Professional Teasing Brush - Amazing for any babes who love adding volume to their locks! Add it to your collection and tease away! 


Are you in a rush with little or no time to shop? We’ve selected a few of my favorite products to help you get your gifts quickly!


I truly hope this gift guide was helpful. I want you to be able to find the best gifts for those special people in your life, and for yourself (hey, I gift myself all the judgment here! ;) 


What are you thinking of gifting this holiday season? Drop us a message in our Instagram DM’s and let us know!

Glam Seamless Hair Extensions

Glam Seamless Hair extensions gift guide

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