Glam Bands (Halos®)


Looking for a quick Glam and Go option? 
The Glam Band is the perfect hair extension!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Glam Band Halo extension?

A Halo is a single weft that can be installed using as invisible wire that goes around the top your head and secured using clips into the back of your hair. Once attached, the wire is completey invisible and the hair hangs comfortably.

What is the benefit of using a Halo extension?

Halo extensions are super convenient for a quick install! Anyone with a fast lifestyle knows that the ability to add volume and length in seconds is priceless and this extension does exactly that! Our founder created this extension for working moms and professionals who need to be out the door in seconds and who want to be able to quickly remove it at the end of their long day.

How do I use the Halo extension?

You hair should be sectioned up at the top of your head around the crown. The invisible halo wire should be placed about 1-2 inches behind the front hairline and the extension placed around the sectioned area. You can choose to secure the clips or not- completely up to you! Once the halo is secure, the sectioned hair can be dropped and you can start your day!

Will the halo hair extensions damage my hair?

No, the halo extension should not damage your hair. This extension is created for very minimal hold onto the hair and depends on the wire fitting around the top of your hair securely.