How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions | Tape In Hair Extension Training

Seamless extensions/tape in hair extensions are the latest hair extension trend for 2015. Tape in hair extensions are 100% natural and damage free. No chemicals or tools are used during application and application takes less than 30 minutes. Although tape in hair extensions seem easy to apply, and they really are, they need to be installed by a professional hairstylists who is certified in tape in hair extensions. It is worth investing the money to have these extensions installed so you have a great experience. Because tape in hair extensions take less time they are less expensive compared to other hair extension methods on the market. It is important that you find a certified professional to install your tape in hair extensions no matter what.

Here at Glam Seamless sometimes we get strange calls, women asking "why are my tape in hair extensions slipping out?" The first thing we ask them is what salon professional installed them? Their responses range from myself, my husband, my daughter, my friend etc. You get the point, they weren't applied by certified professionals. Of course the hair will slip out if someone untrained does them. It definitely isn't the product that is defective, our tape is made with a strong medical grade adhesive from Germany. Oh, and we have even heard of actual licensed cosmetologists horror stories: basically a hairstylist looks up a Youtube video  "How to apply tape in hair extensions" and then installs the hair on a new client with no training.The hairstylist didn't know certain techniques and tips for the perfect application. We then have to help that client find a new hairstylist, and when they do they are so excited to have their hair installed. You need a hairstylist who actually has taken a course on tape in hair extensions and is certified. Here's why: a professional hairstylist who is certified in tape in hair extensions learn all the tips and tricks for application. There are actual tips and tricks to make every tape in hair extension application perfect and customized for a long lasting wear and we teach that in our online education course. Some women will need an added adhesive if they have oily hair, some clients will need the single sided tape application, etc. Besides, people just apply the tape putting it too close or too far from scalp, too much hair in between etc and the hair slips out after two weeks. Every client has different needs and each tape in hair extensions application is customized differently for every woman getting tape in hair extensions. Lessons learned by others who have applied the tape in hair extensions themselves, had a friend install them, or went to a hairstylist who never worked with tape extensions-dont do it. You will have a bad experience and then never want to wear tape in hair extensions. And a life without tape in hair extensions is unfathomable. The tape in hair extensions will transform your look and the way you wear hair extensions. Once you get tape ins, you don't ever want to live without them. 

When you are thinking about getting tape in hair extensions there are so many things to consider. Application: can you get to someone who you trust and is a certified professional who has experience with tape extensions?  Lifestyle: do you want to care for the hair extensions? Having more hair extensions = more work or more money for blowouts (guilty!)

Tape in haire extensions don't just slip out. With proper application they will last 8-12 weeks depending upon how fast your hair grows. Then they are really easy to remove and can be reused for reapplication. 

For hairstylists: 

If you want hands on training join our online education to learn all the tips and tricks to apply tape in hair extensions. We teach three different application methods where we go over everything. Consultation, preparation, application, tips, cutting etc. Even if you have worked with tape in hair extensions, we teach the latest tips and tricks from top master hairstylists for the best tape in hair extension experience. 

Tips for applying hair extensions:

  • Make sure hair is clarified and no conditioner is used on the roots.
  • Determine what type of application the client will need: regular, single sided, tape + micro.
  • Never install at the crown or too close to the nape of the neck. 
  • To create highlights or ombre use two colors. 
  • Make sure client doesn't wash hair for 2-3 days after to allow the bonds to set. 

Want more tips and tricks? Consider joining our Glam Seamless online education where you will have instant access to tape in hair extension training. 



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