Semi Permanent Hair Extensions | Best Hair Extension Methods

Semi Permanent Hair Extensions | Best Hair Extension Methods

If you have ever worn any type of hair extensions you know how they can instantly transform your entire look. If you have only worn clip-in hair extensions then you may have some hesitation when it comes to semi-permanent hair extensions. However, semi-permanent hair extensions continue to be requested in salons around the world. Many think that these semi-permanent hair extensions are damaging and costs thousands so they only wear clips. The truth is, there is a new method out that is semi-permanent, affordable and non-damaging. Now, when it comes to permanent hair extensions there are good types that last and are easy to manage. Then, there are types that are too costly, very damaging, and take a lot to maintain. Let's get into the different types of semi-permanent hair extensions. The benefits of having Semi Permanent Hair Extensions is that you can take out those bulky clip extensions and have extra hair without the added weight. You can also swim and workout with Semi Permanent Hair Extensions which I love. Semi Permanent Hair Extensions are also great if you are going on vacation or if you are a bride looking for hair extensions. Semi Permanent Hair Extensions will allow you to wear hair extensions for month at a time and have a fabulous full head of hair. This is especially beneficial if you want to have gorgeous hair all the time. 

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Semi Permanent Hair Extension Methods: There are 3 main options available when it comes to long lasting hair extensions. However, not all of them are good. Find out which method will work for you.

  • Tape-In Extensions: This method came out in 2009 and is the latest hair extension method. Many are still discovering the tape in method and when they do they are relieved Tape in hair extensions to find something that fits within their budget and gives them a glamorous look. Tape-in hair extensions sounds really interesting, but truth is they are "tape like" bonds that tape together in between your hair. You don't tape them on and go! They would fall out if you did that. You have to go to the salon, have them applied, and also make sure you get a good hair cut with them. Many think tape extensions will rip and damage your hair, but these are the best semi-permanent hair extensions on the market. They cost $200-$500 to get installed, take 30 minutes to apply, last 8-12 weeks (up to three months) and the hair is reusable. With proper application and maintenance there is zero damage to your own hair. Tape extensions are the latest type of semi-permanent hair extension and continue to be a top choice for hair extension lovers. With these extensions you can workout, swim, wear hair up or down, and you have a full head of hair at all times. Also, because each weft is 2 inches wide they don't tangle like the fusion hair extensions do. If you have yet to try these extensions you may want to have a consultation with a salon that can do them. Be sure to checkout our Pro Locator to find someone trained in tape in hair extensions.  
  • Micro Bead/Fusion/I-Tip Micro Extensions: These type of extensions are all the same. They are hair extensions bonded on strand by strand to your own hair. Because they are applied strand by strand they cost thousands to apply. This method takes a long time to apply. This method is becoming really outdated. About 5 years ago this method was the best out there. The reason why is because where wasn't any newer options. With this method hair can last up to six months. However, this method is really damaging because it puts a lot of weight on your own hair and your hair can be stringy with hundreds of little hair strands attached. Although these hair extensions last long, they are also really hard to remove and you end up losing a lot of hair in the end. This method is truly outdated. In 2015 the best hair extensions wouldn't be the micro/fusion method. 
  • Sew-In Weave: The sew-in method has been popular for a while. It started in the African American market and then women of other ethnicities starting wearing it too as its quick and easy to apply. This mSemi Permanent Hair Extensions ethod can be worn for 3-4 months, is less damaging, and doesn't cost as much as fusion/micro hair extensions. This method gained popularity when women wanted more than clip extensions. They wanted hair they could have installed all the time without clipping hair in and out everyday. However, the method doesn't allow your own hair to breathe. Also, if you have a sensitive scalp or thin hair-this method isn't for you. They place a braid or two at the back of your head to "Sew-In" the hair weft. That then stays in for months at a time. That hair in the back cannot be washed for months at a time. Also, finding someone to sew-in your weft extensions is hard to find. When you do find them, I have found they charge a couple hundred. If you're going to pay a couple hundred you might as well check out the method below. 

You may want to dump your clip in hair extensions and get an upgrade to tape extensions. They are great for special occasions but if you find yourself wanting that full head of hair then you may want to check out semi-permanent hair extensions. With the latest technology of tape extensions you no longer have to pay thousands and sit for hours to have semi-permanent hair extensions. You can have brand new gorgeous hair thats lasts in little as 30 minutes. The benefit of getting rid of clip extensions is that the tape in hair extensions lay extremely flat and conform to the shape of your head-you wont even know you're wearing them. If you are going on a vacation or are a bride wanting hair extensions, you should consider seamless tape-in hair extensions. They are easy to maintain and will instantly transform your look.

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