Best Remy Human Hair Extensions

Best Remy Human Hair Extensions

Many women and almost all celebrities wear hair extensions and you would never know it! Why? Because that is the point of hair extensions, they are supposed to be discreet and undetectable. Most of the time hair extensions get applied, blended, and custom matched to each woman. The best hair extensions are those that have all of the qualities of great remy human hair and last. With so many hair extensions on the market you must know what to look for before buying hair extensions.

Generally, the cheaper the hair extensions are being sold for, the lower the quality. Real remy human hair is very expensive. The higher quality, the higher the price. But not all remy human hair extensions are created equal. Many hair extension companies are out there and it is important to read reviews, buy samples, and test the hair before you invest money into hair extensions.  The best hair extensions are made of remy human hair, are double drawn, and last 9 months to a year. Many people argue that hair from certain parts of the world are better and that is still up for debate. Hair extensions are mostly from India and Asia, and a select few come from parts of Europe. All three locations produce great strong hair, if it is 100% pure remy hair. The best hair extensions are those that are made of pure remy human hair, collected and cut in ponytails. When this is done, the cuticles remain in tact and face the same direction. Remy Hair means that the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped. Keeping the cuticles in tact and cutting fresh ponytails with all the hair lying in the same direction is an important part of the process to produce soft and healthy hair extensions that will remain tangle free.

Today, most companies purchase raw remy hair for the preparation of hair extensions. However, their manufacturing process ruins the cuticles by processing the hair in harsh chemical color baths. This process is damaging to hair. This harsh process leaves hair dry and will eventually mat and tangle. However, they cover this process up with silicone to make the hair look and feel shiny. After a few washes the hair starts matting and tangling. Eventually the hair extensions will not last longer than a 4-6 weeks. The best hair extensions are those that have a unique manufacturing process. Depigmenting and slow color baths are the only process that guarantee the best remy human hair extensions. If a company doesn't tell you how they process their hair, then you need to make sure you test the hair first. Getting a sample test of the hair is the best process these days. 

5 Things to Know Before Buying Hair Extensions

Is it single or double drawn? Single or "natural" drawn hair extensions are ok, but they aren't the best. With single drawn hair there will be full length and short length hairs, meaning 50% of a pack of hair will have shorter length hairs. So if you want 20 inch hair extensions and they are single drawn, half of the pack will be 20 inches and the other half will be 14 inches. If you are new to hair extensions you probably won't notice a difference. The single drawn hair will have tapered ends (thin and wispy). Some women prefer that look. However, if you are looking for the best hair extensions you want double drawn hair. This means that the entire pack of hair will be the entire length, meaning the hair will be thick from top to bottom. Double drawn hair extensions are for those who want a full glamorous hair extensions set. 

Where is the hair originally from? European and specifically Russian hair is the best hair on the market. However, it is very rare and very expensive. Most hair extensions come from India and this is a GOOD QUALITY hair extension. However hair from Asia is just as good because Asian hair is thick and strong and blends well. Know where the hair is from. 

Is the hair coated in silicone? If they need to coat the hair in silicone that means that they are coating the extensions to cover something up. Good quality hair extensions do not need to be coated in harsh chemicals. Unless a hair extensions company states they DO NOT coat the hair in chemicals, they most likely do.  

What is the manufacturing process? Most hair extension companies do not disclose their manufacturing process. Ask all about it if they do not disclose this information. The best hair extension companies are those that are transparent and open their doors. Glam Seamless tells everyone about our unique process. When buying hair extensions be sure to know all about the hair you are buying. 

What is the listed life span? Good hair extensions should last 9 months to a year. If a company states that the hair will only last 6 months or less, its not worth your time. Good quality hair can last over six months. 

The problem is that everyone sells hair extensions and it's really hard these days to discover the best type of hair extension. Bad hair extensions are those that are low quality remy (yes there is such a thing), have artificial shine, and are coated in chemicals that get stripped away after a few washes. Remember when buying hair extensions that not all hair extensions are created equal. Be sure to read reviews, ask a friend, and find the best remy human hair extensions on the market. 



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