Tape Extensions Best Type Of Hair Extension

Tape Extensions Best Type Of Hair Extension

New to tape extensions? We will tell you everything you need to know before buying tape extensions. Tape extensions are the latest trend and are worn by most celebrities. They are the best type of hair extension, period. Tape extensions are perfect because they last the perfect amount of time (8-12 weeks), are reusable, take less than an hour to apply, and they are undetectable. Clip extensions are fun, but they are only temporary. If you find yourself wanting that full head of hair 24/7, tape extensions will be your best hair option. It's 100% damage free (if you get the right brand) and they are super easy to maintain. After wearing every type of hair extension out there, once you try tape extensions you will wonder how you went through life without them. They are a game changer for the ultimate hair extension experience. With tape extensions you can workout and swim with them in and they won't slip out. Micro and fusion extensions cost thousands to get applied and take hours. Then these micro extensions will slip out and tangle when you wash your hair. Not to mention micro and fusion extensions are extremely damaging and will weaken your hair. Tape extensions are lightweight and do not pull on hair like micro extensions do.

Tape extensions have been around since 2009 and continue to be the number one requested hair extension method in salons. They also cost less to get applied because they take less time. Tape extensions can be worn any way and add length and volume in an instant. However, before you buy tape extensions or trust your hair stylist on their favorite brand, make sure you know what to look for when buying tape extensions. The last thing you want is to have your tape extensions installed and find out you have low quality hair. Be sure to have only the best. We will cover what makes a set of tape extensions the best. Not all tape extensions are created equal. There are some brands out there that do not have sew lines, this hair sheds really bad and in a few weeks you have less hair than you originally did. What type of adhesive is the "tape" made of? Gel based adhesives rip out your hair!  Discover what to look for before buying tape extensions. 

Tape Extensions Best Remy Tape EXTENSIONS

Things to Know Before Buying Tape Extensions

Is the tape made of hypoallergenic tape or a "Gel" tape adhesive? When it comes tape extensions you want a hypoallergenic regular tape adhesive. This type of tape adhesive is the best as it is strong, durable and waterproof but it doesn't rip out your hair.  Some other tape brands are made with a very (read: too) strong adhesive. It is called a gel based tape extension. Yes, this type of hair extension is STRONG and lasts...until the very end when you go to take your hair it. Its impossible and you lose a lot of hair. The downside: Your hair rips out at time of removal. YOU DO NOT want this type of tape extension. We tried the other brands our self and we lost hair during the testing phase upon removal (so you don't have to). The best type of tape extension is one that is strong but not gel based. Also, IF any other tape brand that says you need a glue or flat iron to apply the tape extensions make sure you RUN! True high quality tape extensions do not need glue or flat irons to be applied. This will damage your hair and you will lose hair. The whole point of tape extensions is to have a damage free semi permanent hair extension method. Be sure to know your tape before it goes into your hair! 

What type of hair is the tape extensions made of? If you get tape extensions you will need the BEST remy hair as you will be wearing these extensions EVERY DAY. The type of hair made for the tape extensions can make a great experience or ruin your hair extension experience. Tape extensions aren't like clips, you don't get to take them out every day. You wear them everyday for three months. You also should be able to reuse them if you have a good brand of hair. If you get low quality remy tape extensions, you may find that they mat and tangle quickly. After getting the hair and paying for them to be applied, you will be upset if you have low quality hair. When it comes to tape extensions you want the best top remy hair, preferably double drawn. Hair that is thick and lasts. Double drawn hair means there are less short hairs and there will be minimal shedding and tangling. Even if a company says they use remy hair make sure that it is the best remy hair. Glam Seamless uses an eco friendly manufacturing technology. We use slow color baths and do not use any harsh chemicals to process the hair. This allows the hair to remain healthy even after processing. The last thing you want is to have your tape extensions installed and find out you have low quality hair. Be sure to have only the best.  Top remy hair is hand-selected and specially processed to protect the entire cuticle shaft during processing. Unlike low quality remy hair, no harsh chemicals are used.  When it comes to tape extensions you MUST have the best remy hair.

How many grams of hair per pack? When it comes to tape extensions, grams of hair is the most important. The most common is 50 grams per pack. However, some brands sells 30 grams of hair or less per pack! Know how much hair you are buying. Glam Seamless has more hair PER tape weft. Which is what you want when it comes to tape extensions. You want more hair per pack. Know how many pieces you are getting and how many grams of hair are in each pack. The shorter the hair, the less grams you will have. For a full tape application you will need around 100 grams of hair. If you have a lot of hair you will need more hair. However, to keep tape extensions undetectable you will want enough hair so it blends well. Be sure to have enough hair on hand for a full glamorous look.  

How long are the tape wefts? The best size tape wefts are those that are 1.5 inches as this size is 100% undetectable and light enough for your hair. There are brands out there that have smaller tapes, this costs more as you need more hair per pack. You also end up having much more pieces of tape in your hair which can be annoying. The fold over tape extensions are generally smaller and weaker bonds as all of the hair isn't applied correctly together and it doesn't bond well.  You want tape extensions that are less than 2 inches wide and need to be applied using the "Sandwich" method. This makes sure that the wefts are invisible and do not pull on your hair. There are tape extensions out there that are as wide as 4 inches. Although these would be great for 1-2 small sections of the hair, wide tape extensions are not a great choice. This will be difficult to wear hair up in a ponytail and you wont have much flexibility. Also, wider tape wefts means more weight on your hair. This could lead to damage and breakage. Save your hair and stay with thin invisible wefts. Most people need 20 tape bonds, so that would be 2 packs of hair. Knowing the width of the tape extension is very important.

Is the hair single or double drawn? Single drawn also know as "natural drawn" is the most popular in the hair extension world. Single drawn hair extensions create a natural tapered extension look. It blends well and looks very natural. However, true hair extension queens tend to love the double drawn hair extensions. Glam Seamless is one of the few tape brands that have double drawn tape extensions. The double drawn tape extensions are the most luxurious hair extension because they are full and thick from top to bottom. If you want the most beautiful gorgeous look possible, be sure to look for double drawn tape extensions

Do the tape wefts have no seams? Is there a sew line? You want tape extensions with a seam! Glam Seamless tape extensions are made with a unique sew line that holds the tape weft and hair together. This sew line is unique and allows our customers to have a better experience with tape extensions. The sew line creates a shed and tangle free experience. Other brands that have just tape and hair (no sew line) shed really badly. Here at Glam Seamless we always test brands to make sure we remain the best tape extension on the market. Two other major brands that have NO sew line shed really badly. Within a month we have 25% less hair on the extensions because of the shedding that occurred. Be sure to make sure that your tape extensions have a sew line. This still makes the tape extensions lightweight and durable. Plus, you will have hair left so you can reuse the extensions. Without a sew line you will experience a lot of shedding and tangling.

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