Real Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are popping up everywhere these days and it's hard to tell what is the best hair extensions that will be high quality and will last. Before you make your purchase it would be best to learn what makes real hair extensions good quality, to ensure you have the best hair possible. Not all real remy hair extensions are created equal! There are low end and high end real hair extensions and it is hard to tell online which is which. With the demand for hair extensions continuing to rise, the amount of "Real hair extensions" available continues to double. With just about all the hair extension stores claiming to be real remy hair you have to know what to look for before deciding to make your purchase. Just because a set of hair extensions are "real remy hair extensions" doesn't always mean that the hair is good quality and will last. High quality hair extensions are hard to find but with knowledge of what makes a set of hair extensions high quality, you can discover the best type of real hair extensions

Real hair extensions are those that are made of pure remy hair, cut with ponytail method so all the cuticles remain in tact and are all facing the same direction. This prevents hair extensions from matting and tangling after being worn. The best real hair extensions are minimally processed and use an eco friendly technology that KEEPS the remy hair cuticles in tact DURING AND AFTER processing. A lot of hair extension companies use harsh chemicals to process the hair which ruins the remy hair. This quick and harsh process damages the hair cuticles, making the hair extensions brittle and weak, which will lead to tangling and matting later on. This is usually masked in chemical coating to make the hair extensions seem soft and perfect. But this is just a temporary coverup. It is true that these days most hair extension companies do collect remy hair (there are different grades of remy hair ranging from low end to high end). However, the remy hair that they collect Remy Hair is supposed to be highest quality human hair but with the harsh processing the  cuticles become stripped and lose elasticity. So yes, it was original Indian or Chinese or European remy hair that they started out with, but the chemical process to color and produce the hair extensions changes the texture and structure of the hair extensions.  

Not all remy hair extensions are created equal. Many claim to sell remy human hair, but they actually sell low quality oReal Remy Hair Extensionsr non remy hair extensions but call them "top remy hair extensions". There is Chinese and Indian hair that is actually swept off the floor and is low quality hair that has to be chemically treated and coated in silicone to pass as real remy hair extensions. After the first few washes this chemical coating wears off and the low quality hair starts to mat and tangle. This is not true remy hair. However, to sell the hair some online hair extension stores will call it remy human hair. This hair is usually cheaper, is super silky and shiny, and has a very artificial smell. This is not real remy hair.  There are many hair factories around the world producing what you are deeming: real remy hair extensions. However, they may be real remy hair extensions, that are swept off the floor and tangled into balls of hair. This is called brushed factory hair. This low quality remy hair has to be chemically treated which further damages the hair. Real remy hair extensions are those that are collected and cut right off the head with the ponytail method. They are then processed using the most natural and eco friendly technology. This technology and selection on real hair extensions takes a long time and is more costly. Fresh cut ponytails make the BEST remy hair extensions as long as they are also depigmented and processed properly. 

The best remy hair extensions use an advanced manufacturing process which ensures high quality hair. So even if the hair Real remy hair extensions collected is 100% pure remy human hair, HOW they process the hair is the most important information you need to have before making your purchase. Most use harsh acid baths and bleach to color the hair, which ruins the great quality remy hair. After a few washes and wear of your new hair extensions, they start to mat and tangle and frizz! Real hair extensions that are minimally processed using an eco friendly process are the best type of hair extensions. However, it is rare to find a company that does this processing. Be sure to know how your hair extensions are processed before purchasing. The last thing you want is to spend a few hundred dollars and get hair that lasts less than a few months. Glam Seamless is very transparent with our hair extension process

Real remy hair extensions should last 8 months to a year and will not mat on tangle if taken care of properly. Non remy hair extensions and low quality remy hair extensions will last less than 6 months and may even mat and tangle after a few weeks. You need to make sure you do not install non remy hair extensions into your hair. These will mat and tangle and they are low quality hair. Not to mention non remy and low quality remy hair extensions are cheaper but are also more apparent and hard to maintain! The whole point of hair extensions is to have them be invisible and easy to maintain and blend with your hair. Choose high quality hair extensions and you will be so happy that you did.  Many argue that the source of the hair matters and after my 15 years of wearing hair extensions from all around the world, as long as it is 100% pure remy hair that is processed using the latest technology you will be fine. The most popular real hair extensions is Indian Remy hair. European hair is very rare and is also very expensive. Be sure to get a sample of the hair extensions first before actually wearing the hair. This will help you see if the hair is good quality. Also, ask for referrals and read reviews first before buying your hair extensions. You can find the best real hair extensions right here if you are looking for tape in or clip extensions. Here at Glam Seamless we have worn hair extensions for over a decade and we only source high quality hair that we would wear- because we DO wear our own hair. Be sure to find high quality hair that will work for you and will blend well. 

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