Best Hair Extensions
Best Hair Extensions of 2015
A confession from from a Glam Seamless client, written from a true hair extension queen: The best hair extensions do exist, I know because I have searched for the best hair extensions for years. Over the years I have worn all types of hair extensions. I have invested countless hours getting hair installed, I have lost a lot of strands of hair with damaging hair extension methods, and I have spend thousands of dollars on hair. Why? Because I have thin hair and I will do anything to improve my hair situation. Can you relate? I have always had thin hair and found that when I add hair extensions, not only do I look better, I feel better. I also have more hair to work with for cute hairstyles. So I have always worn and searched for better hair extensions. I have finally found them. First let me say that I have tried every hair extension type out there. I have had clip in hair extensions. They were okay but too bulky and limited for what I wanted. I wanted to look glamorous almost every day and wear my hair in high pony tails with my hair extensions.  I wanted a semi permanent hair extension method. However, I found all the other semi permanent methods really didn't work for me. Micro and fusion extensions were so costly and damaged my hair. Plus the hair would get stringy and fall out one by one.  It is a waste of time, money and hair!  I almost gave up on my hair extension search until I discovered tape in extensions and fell in love! This is the best hair extension method I have been wearing tape extensions for three years and no damage or hair loss at all. 

Tape in hair extensions/ Seamless hair extensions / Skin weft hair extensions:

Tape in hair extensions are the best hair extension method on the market and the least damaging. The hair gets sandwiched between your own hair creating thin invisible tape weft bonds. This method is the the least damaging and most comfortable hair extension method I have ever worn. They are the least expensive semi permanent method available on the market. They also only take 30 minutes to get applied and less than 10 minutes to be removed! These are the most organic hair extensions, they are all natural, made with hypo-allergenic medical grade tape, and requires to chemicals or tools for installation. This method is the least damaging hair extension method. Two tape wefts are sandwiched between a thin amount of your own hair. Each tape weft is thin and moves with your hair. As your hair grows out the tape remains in place and your hair extensions are still in tact. 

Why Glam Seamless Tape Ins Are The Best Hair Extensions:

Glam Seamless extensions are a different kind of tape extensions, their tape wefts feature a sew line which prevents the hair from shedding! When hair extensions do not shed then you are able to reuse the extensions up to three applications. Because the hair is double drawn there is a lot of hair per tape weft giving you a fuller hair extension makeover with LESS extensions needed.  Other brands I have tried have less hair per pack and do not have a sew line which leaves the tape wefts shedding after the first application. Then the hair can't be reused. These are the best hair extensions because they also feature blue tape which is ultra strong but doesn't leave behind any reside at removal. When I tried other tape brands the glue/tape was so sticky it didn't come out to my hair and I lost hair. The tape wefts are 1.5 inches wide do it's impossible for them to tangle or mat. After 8-12 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows out, you have them reinstalled. They are removed using an all natural oil and they slide right out. No damage with tape in hair extensions.  Here is a quick infographic about the best hair extensions tape-in hair extensions. 

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